Fact or Fiction: Are Amber Teething Necklaces Worth the Hype?

baby in teething

Amber teething necklaces that have been popular in Europe, America and various other parts of the world since people used them for teething pain relief. They are demanded and sold worldwide. There are lots of sceptics of the opinion that they are useless and choking hazards for babies under 3. On the other hand, there is the lot that can swear the miraculous power of the knotted beads.

Fact or Fiction

Now, the question emerges whether the amber teething necklaces are worth the hype? It is hard to decide amidst a vast sea of diverse opinions. Whether, here, it is suggested to rely or don’t rely upon these resins, two large classes are supporting the both views and confusing the potential buyers.

The only way to know the reality of this traditional teething remedy is using it at least once. But, if you want to understand the reasons behind its popularity and negative views, below are given the facts provided by the doctors and the lot favouring the necklaces, and also the opinion of people who turned down the idea.

How It Works

A common notion says that when these amber teething necklaces are tied around the necks of your babies, they feel healthy, the teething pain goes down, drooling reaches at the lowest level and the inflammation comes to an end. It is all because the warmth of the beads is transferred to the skin. After this, the skin transfers the absorbed heat (succinic acid) to the bloodstream.

Succinic acid, the biggest attribute of the amber teething necklace, is known to be one of the most anti-inflammatory remedies around the world. When it is mixed in the bloodstream, the heart pumps it to all the parts of the body. As a result, the teething pain becomes neglectable, and inflammation is no more a big deal. Babies are found playing, laughing and enjoying sound sleep during teething period if they wear these necklaces.

The Other Views

There is another group of people that is of the opinion that succinic acid absorbed by the skin cannot be transferred into blood because there are various other things that are harmful and we use on skin; we stay away from harms because blood cannot absorb elements from the surface, just as hair dye colours. They also fear that amber teething necklaces may be choking.

Overall, the group with a positive opinion is larger than the latter.