Style Modern Interior Home ideas

Creating a house needs a high imagination for getting the extraordinary design. However, there are only some people who dare trying to combine two home style or more for picturing sophisticated house. Like this house that you see in this page, the designer combines modern and historical style. Here, the historical design put to the façade décor. Amazingly, the uniqueness of the historical design idea looks great when it meets the IKEA Style Modern Interior Home ideas like this. Interestingly decorated, this house brings exquisite look.

For the back area, this house is designed with plenty large transparent walls. This is sophisticated for the owner can see through the backyard from the inside. Also, the backyard is decorated as green as refreshing to feast their eyes. Further, move to the inside, the bathroom is adorned in pure white to evoke larger vibe. Does with the same tones, the hallway is also created as bright as the bathroom.  Then, the modern interior home style interior is also can be seen through the kitchen and dining room. Casually designed with minimalist idea, the furnishings used to adorn these spaces are definitely contemporary. The yellow dining chairs shock the rooms which are colored in black and white. This becomes more interesting since the green outdoor area can be enjoyed while having meal and cooking time.

Modern Interior Home ideas

style modern interior home ideas


In another interior area, the refreshing seating furniture is also used to liven up the reading area. The combination of green in the sofa and colorful touch through the bookcase and cushions makes this space purely awesome. Otherwise, the home library and the other seating space in colored in dark, contrasted with the other rooms in this. Style Modern Interior Home ideas pictures Not to mention, this house pictures gorgeousness both in the interior décor and its exterior. If you need to see it more in detail, feel free to take a look at the photo gallery below. Enjoy!

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